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2020.6 japan Reiwa Golf Resort 6m Geodesic Dome Tent Dome Hotel

The ingenuity of Geodesic Dome Tent

Unique spherical design

The unique Dome Tent can attract more tourists than the general shape of the tent. The Glamping Dome in the forest is a good place for local residents to spend the weekend, and foreign tourists are also willing to choose the unique Geodesic Dome Tent to make their tour more impressive. In addition to its attractive design, it also has a solid structure. Our geodesic dome tent is made of iron pipe with a hemispherical reticulated shell structure, which can resist all kinds of bad weather. You don't have to worry about quality and safety issues at all. 2020.6 japan Reiwa Golf Resort 6m Geodesic Dome Tent Dome Hotel Design of skylights and transparent large windows The geodesic dome tent is equipped with skylights and transparent large windows, which can provide your guests with a wide view. Opening the curtains in the morning when they are naturally awake, they can get a panoramic view of nature and relax their whole body and mind. At night, close the curtains to have their own private space. Then open the skylight, they can enjoy a starry sky, which is so comfortable and unforgettable.

2020.6 japan Reiwa Golf Resort 6m Geodesic Dome Tent Dome Hotel

How to build up a hotspot campsite by a Geodesic Dome Tent

How to maximize the advantages of  the Dome Hotel

Nowadays, more and more people yearn to enjoy peace, but they are trapped in life, so many people like to go out of the “city's prison” and choose to return to the forest. Dwell Dome's construction is not limited by terrain and can be installed in any place that can closely contact nature. (Mountain tops, forests, flowers, etc.) and can attract customers by contacting nature. You can also create different room types to meet the needs of different guests: single rooms, double rooms, or multiple rooms. Each Living Dome can be equipped with a bathroom, living room, etc. so that your guests can get a perfect accommodation experience. Besides, the dome is a multi-functional space, you can also build the restaurants, the rest areas, the yoga areas, fitness areas, and so on for your guests. More Products