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2020.6 Colombia 6m glamping dwell dome in the yard for sale Are you considering being an Airbnb provider? Are you considering building your own camp? If your answer is yes, please follow me. I will show you a Dwell Dome that can be installed in a short time on any terrain. 2020.6 Colombia 6m glamping dwell dome in the yard for sale

Dwell Dome is your best choice

If you want to install your own homestay with your idle vacant land, I recommend you to choose the Dome.

Why choose the Dwell Dome?

  • Easy to install: Compared with the traditional homestay, it is very fast to install the Dwell Dome(six meters and below only needs two people to install in two hours). Even if you never install a tent before, you can easily complete it.
  • Beautiful and sturdy: Dome is of high ornamental value. And it is composed of a steel tube with hemispherical reticulated shell structure and PVC tarpaulin. The quality is stable and reliable, and it can resist various bad weather.
  • Not limited by terrain: It can be installed on various terrains, whatever plains or highlands.
  • Various decoration styles: the color of the tarpaulin (Can be transparent) and the types of patterns, doors, and windows can be customized according to your needs. We also provide the proper design suggestion according to your interior layout.
2020.6 Colombia 6m glamping dwell dome in the yard for sale

How to make better use of Dwell Dome

Provide a comfortable and novel accommodation experience for the guests

First and foremost, provide the guests with comfortable and clean bedding and toiletries. It can let guests directly feel the quality of your service and determines whether guests are willing to recommend your homestay to their friends. Secondly, why the guests choose to live in the dome home, it is mainly because of their strange psychology. And they want to experience a different living environment from other normal homestays. You can create different fancy styles according to different festivals to attract customers to live here. It can also attract guests to share their living experiences on a social platform to promote your homestay.

Provide the leisure facilities 

In general, The reason why the guest prefers to choose the homestay rather than the Express Inn is that they want to relax not for work. So You can configure some simple entertainment and relaxation facilities, such as swings, outdoor tables, and chairs, etc. so that the guests can fully enjoy the leisure time.     More Products