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japan bamboo forest 6m dome houses dome hotel for sale

Start Bamboo Forest Campsite with Dome House

The fast-paced city life has made many people more and more yearn for a slower life and expect to slow down and enjoy life in their leisure time. The combination of the bamboo forest and the dome houses can calm the guests’ minds and bring a novel and unforgettable experience to them. Enjoy Glamping, Slow Down the Mind After walking out of the door of the dome houses, the guests can shuttle through the bamboo forest, feel the fresh bamboo fragrance brought by the breeze, touch the sunlight through the bamboo leaves, and leave everything behind. They can also lie in the room of the dome houses, through the windows and skylights, can see the bamboo through the sky and the bamboo leaves swaying in the wind, enjoy the sunrise and sunset, and capture the traces of time passing slowly.

japan bamboo forest 6m dome houses dome hotel for sale

Advantages of The Dome House

Specifications of Dome Houses

  • White powder-coated steel frame: Stunning and elegant appearance and anti-rust.
  • PVC cover in optional color: You can choose the color of the PVC cover according to the environment of your camp and match it with the environment.
  • 2100*900 door frame: You can customize wooden or glass doors according to your style requirements.
  • Insulation layer: The interior space could comfort the guests, even in the extremely cold weather.

japan bamboo forest 6m dome houses dome hotel for sale

How to Style up the Glamping Dome Tent

Different from the traditional camping tent, the high-luxury igloo tent is more in line with the “Steal a little leisure from the rush of business” of modern life. Guests can avoid the tediousness of setting up tents and can also get the high-end enjoyment of living in a high-end hotel. The interior decoration of the dome houses can vary with your plan, whether it is a simple high-end style or a cute style. You can also create different room types to meet the needs of different guests. Most importantly, the interior of the dome tent can also meet your multi-functional needs, such as dining and hospitality, meditation, and yoga. More Products