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Auto Sunroom

Glitzcamp offers a freestanding or attached Swimming Pool Enclosure for the outdoor residential pool, spa and hot tub.

Equipped with an automatic retractable system, the swimming pool enclosure can be easily opened in good weather and closed in rainy days. Also, it can create an enclosed space to prevent leaves and animals (such as mice) from entering the clear pool.

Swimming pool enclosure consists of aluminum alloy frame and tempered glass/polycarbonate panel. It has been proven to be stainless, weather resistant and durable for over 20 years.

Glitzcamp designs, manufactures and sells Patio Sunhouse, which is framed with hard-pressed aluminum alloy and covered with reinforce glass panel or polycarbonate sheets.

What’s more, the patio sunhouse can come with an automatic system for opening and closing the retractable sunhouse.

It can be used as a private leisure space or backyard greenhouse garden, as well as an outdoor restaurant for commercial purposes.